Year Description
1946 The late founder Masao Maki established Maki Industrial Co., Ltd. in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya City, subcontracted agricultural generators and spinning parts.
1961 Reorganized into Maki Industry Co., Ltd. The late Masao Maki assumed the position of Representative Director.
1967 The Jushiyama Factory (now the Yatomi Factory) was established in Jushiyama Village (now Yatomi City) in Ama-Gun, Aichi Prefecture.
1971 Started production of roller conveyor.
1974 The second sales department became independent and established Maki Shoji Co., Ltd.
Shinichi Maki assumed the position of Representative Director.
1982 Completed the head office building in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya City.
1987 The late Masao Maki became chairman of Maki Kogyo, and Shinichi Maki assumed the position of Representative Director.
1988 Maki Shoji Co., Ltd. changed its name to Makitech Co., Ltd.
1990 Completed the Mie Factory in Komono-Cho, Mie-Gun, Mie Prefecture.
1994 Makitech Co., Ltd. merged with Maki Industry Co., Ltd. and was reborn as a new structure that combines the sales division and the manufacturing division.
Established Maki Logitech Co., Ltd., which specializes in plant systems.
1998 Established Maki Giken Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
1998 The Kyushu Factory was established in Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
1999 Michinoku Food Industry was reorganized into Makitech Service Co., Ltd.
1999 Established Wuxi Makiyokyu Transport Co., Ltd. as a manufacturing plant for logistics equipment in Jiangsu Province, China.
2001 Makitech Mie Factory Co., Ltd. has acquired ISO14001 certification.
2002 Wellness Shimanto Co., Ltd. began selling mineral water.
2002 MH Home Co., Ltd. began selling gratings.
2002 Established Wuxi Maki Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells conveyors and logistics equipment, in Jiangsu Province, China.
2003 Makitech Jushiyama Factory Co., Ltd. (currently Yatomi Factory) has acquired ISO9001 certification.
Established Ningbo Maki Saiki Transport Machinery Co., Ltd. as a factory for distribution logistics products in Zhejiang Province, China.
2003 Makicontech Co., Ltd. (wheel conveyor manufacturing), Maki Logitech Co., Ltd. (plant system), and Makitech MTC. Nagoya Co., Ltd. (maki group management) merged with Makitech Co., Ltd.
2005 The Shikoku Factory was completed in Nakatado District, Kagawa Prefecture.
2006 Started manufacturing PC curtain walls at the Iizuka Factory in Fukuoka Prefecture.
2006 MK Home Co., Ltd., which was engaged in grating sales, merged with Makitech Co., Ltd.
2007 Established Danyang Shanhung Restoration Equipment Co., Ltd. as a factory for nursing care products in Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China.
2008 The 4-story Maki Building was newly built at the former Nagoya Factory, and the first and second floors are used as offices.
The 3rd and 4th floors are used as rental apartments.
The basic concept is “building that is friendly to the global environment”.
2008 Started selling ASP (mobile shelves) and bicycle parking systems.
2009 Started selling private homes and apartment buildings.
Construction PV Promotion Office started.
2009 The Fukuoka General Office, an environmental office with solar panels, was constructed.
2010 Opened Makitech Plaza, a directly managed store with solar power generation and all electrification.
2011 The company started selling the Subaru Series, an integrated system with roof and solar power generation.
2012 Shinichi Maki assumed the position of Chairman.
Hiroyuki Ohno assumed the position of President and CEO.
Makitech Yonezawa Factory Co., Ltd. started operations.
2013 Mega solar power plant was installed at Makitech Yokkaichi Development Center Co., Ltd.
2013 Mega solar power plant was installed at Makitech Kyushu Factory Co., Ltd.
2013 Makitech Makisancom Co., Ltd., which develops and sells solar power generation, was established.
2013 Constructed a rehabilitation facility using prefabricated house.
2013 The ES Division was established. Started LED business.
2014 The 60th anniversary ceremony was held. (in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka)
2015 Newly built “Maki Building Mie”. The concept is “building using a transport container”.
2015 Established Makitech Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Vietnam. The Vietnam Factory was completed.
2015 Maki LifeTech Co., Ltd., selling welfare products, was merged with Makitech Co., Ltd.
2017 Opened Makitech Tarui Factory co., Ltd. in Gifu Prefecture.
2018 The plating division was established.
2020 Kumamoto Factory opened.
2020 Established PT. Makitech Sistem Indonesia.